Hello, how are you?

I hope all is well and you’re still being careful as we wend our way through the labyrinth! The plague continues, climate keeps on changing and the Queen is dead.

I’ve written a piece about a recent adventure in Fiji, which is Covid-free now, apparently. All incoming visitors have to be tested in the first 24 hours and be given a clean bill of health before being let loose in the country. In theory at least, it seem a good plan. On the other hand, when we came back to Australia, there was no testing, no questioning and very few masks in the airport. It seems ridiculous when people are still dying.

Anyway, we’re safely back in our little house on the hill, overlooking Bass Strait. Whatever this place lacks, there is no doubt that it is a beautiful place to live.

I hope you enjoy the post and as always feel free to let me know what you think, by whatever means you choose.