How are we all going? Tickety boo, I trust!

I’ve just returned from a trip to the mainland stunned by the observation that no one in Sydney and surrounds is wearing a mask or practising social distancing anymore. It seems bizarre to me when people are still dying every day. I’m steadfastly doing my level best to avoid catching it again because it’s bloody awful when you’ve got it! I don’t give a rats (see what I did there?) if anyone looks at me for wearing a mask when no one else is

Not really expecting any responses, a few months back I asked why Island Magazine rejected my essay on Truganini and Gwen Harwood in Oyster Cove when it is obviously a work of genius. But responses I got and they were really good and useful and a touch brutal. So I’ve had another go on a related topic. Please have a read and leave comments however you did last time. I genuinely appreciate the feedback!! It’s on the Blog page here. See what youse reckon!

In Sydney I went along to the launch of the most excellent Sarah Holland-Batt’s “The Jaguar” where she chatted with Rick Morton (who is genuinely the loveliest chap as well as a generous interviewer) and it was a brilliant night. Good people, a good book and free booze and food will do that. And while I’m fanboying, a hearty recommendation for Alex Selenitsch’s Purgatorio Re-Placed, in which he transplants the entire Dante’s Purgatory to contemporary Australia. Only Alex could do that with such panache and humour. Dead set legend!

Anyhow, be kind to each, and buy EnveilingWriting.