Welcome to the new year, hope it’s a good one, as weird as it looks like it is going to be. Apparently there’ll be an election soonish. I’m not sure I can muster up any great enthusiasm for it. I don’t know about you but none of the politicians are filling me with much hope. Still …

For me personally the big news is that late last year, my book of poetry was published. It’s called Unveiling and its available now via multiple sources and platforms. You should buy it – you’ll love it. It is pocket sized; most poems are quite short and it’s cheap. The lovely people at Ginninderra Press did a great job with it and the cover looks good! You can get it here www.ginninderrapress.com.

A few speaking gigs are coming in, and they are always enjoyable. Of course I’m assuming that they’ll go ahead, even as the island is swamped by mainland tourists riddled with the plague. Hell’s bells, grey nomadding is getting out of hand: the number of caravans tootling around is ridiculous! Meanwhile getting to see the grandchildren is becoming more and more problematic. Buying an airline ticket feels the same as buying a Tattslotto ticket these days. Nonetheless, triple vaxed, properly masked and socially distanced, we’ll press on. It’s still better here than anywhere else.

I’ve posted at the first bit of a memoir I wrote some years ago. My agent did her darnedest to get it published at the time but although various publishers were very complimentary, they all decided I wasn’t famous enough for a memoir. Fair enough too: I’m still not famous enough! See what you think. It’s here.

In the meantime, be kind to each other while you can, kids: who knows when the show will come to an end.