Andrys Onsman


A piece I wrote about the dying tradition of naming in Fryslân as a metaphor for how the old ways of doing things are rapidly disappearing in the globalising world. I worry sometimes that the cultural underpinnings are also being forgotten, which means that the past will become less and less understandable from a modern perspective.

I recently read Elisabeth Holdsworth excellent essay ‘An die Nachgeborenen: For those who come after’ (https://www.australianbookreview.com.au/abr-online/archive/2007/131-february-2007-no-288/2369-an-die-nachgeborenen-for-those-who-come-after). It was a worthy winner of the Calibre Prize and it taught me a lot about a very different province of the Netherlands, Zeeland (after which New Zealand was named). Lovely writing!

Thanks for the comments: on here, by email and F2F. The spam catcher must be filtering them so I get to see only the nice ones.  Apologies if I don’t respond in a timely manner but I do read everything, and I will get back to you eventually. And I’m perfectly happy to chat privately rather than on-line.

The Plague has thrown most of us a bouncer and we’re all ducking and weaving. Here on the Bluff overlooking the Strait we are fortunate to have our environment well managed by the State government and most folk are doing their best to be mindful. I’ve Zoomed more in the last two months than all the Mazda ads put together.

Stay safe and look after yourselves.