Incredibly it’s March 2022. It’s weird how time flies and drags at the same time.

The biggest news for me is that my brother Harry, well on the way to recovering from lymphoma and triple vaxed, caught bloody covid and with his immune system severely compromised after the chemo, succumbed to the virus. He died the 20th of February, aged 70. He had just started out on a couple of renovations, happier than he had been for ages. If you haven’t been fully, triple vaxed, get it done. It’s no guarantee but at least you’ll have a better chance to live longer.

Flying back to Melbourne to deliver the eulogy felt strange; at once familiar and alien. Perhaps the reason for the jump across the ditch played a part in that.

I’ve posted the eulogy in my blog. You can jump to it here. I managed to read most of it during the service.

All the speakers contributed to a meaningful and moving funeral. Anyone who wants to see it – especially our Dutch relatives – can click here. Brother Rick’s thoughts and memories are here. It is an eloquent tribute.

A quick reminder that Unveiling my book of poetry is still available now via multiple sources and platforms. You should buy it – make me rich. At $20 a book that might take a while. You can get it here www.ginninderrapress.com.

As always, in the meantime, be kind to each other while you can, kids: who knows when the show will come to an end. That has never been made clearer to me than the last couple of weeks.