Published work

Enveiling and surrounding poems (Ginninderra Press, 2021)

In this collection of poems, Andrys considers how we continually recreate our identities through our relationships with people, places and ideas we love and value; how we weave every experience into redefining who we are as we move through the physical present and the remembered past.

Experimentation in Improvised Jazz – Chasing Ideas (Routledge, 2018) with Rob Burke

Challenges the notion that in the twenty-first century, jazz can be restrained by a singular, static definition.

The worldwide trend for jazz to be marginalized by the mainstream music industry, as well as conservatoriums and schools of music, runs the risk of stifling the innovative and challenging aspects of its creativity.

Perspectives in Artistic Research in MusicPerspectives in Artistic Research in Music (Lexington, 2017) with Rob Burke

The increasing interest in artistic research, especially in music, is throwing open doors to exciting ideas about how we generate new musical knowledge and understanding.

This book examines the wide array of factors at play in innovative practice and how by treating it as research we can make new ideas more widely accessible.

Review excerpt: This book enters the core of artistic research and connects developments in Australia with the world. From many angles artistic research is explained from within experimentation, exploration and discovery, unraveling intentions, processes, outcomes and dissemination of research in and through musical practice.

Truganini’s NecklaceTruganini’s Necklace (EMP, 2014)

A new look at how one of the most influential portrayals of Tasmanian Aboriginal people, the one put forward in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, has changed from simply reflecting an academic idea to becoming pro-active in presenting contemporary images : a change that began when the museum employed an Aboriginal curator to manage its collection.

Review excerpt: Onsman’s book is an exploration of the intersection of history, art and psychology that effortlessly slips out of the thetic straight-jacket of mainstream academic discourses. Onsman works from a broad historical spectrum of art that seems to invite the reader to reconceptualize historical circumstances as an artistic process.

Essays & Criticism

A Lived-in Landscape, Translating poetry by Baukje Wytsma, 2018 (in Dutch and English)

Circumnavigating the Citadel, Architecture Australia, 2018 (with Paul Walker)

What even is “creativity”? SBS, 2015

The City’s Jazz Songs, The Age (2007)

Shooting the song of the moonbirds, Island, Issue 99 (Summer 2004);dn=483520899574176;res=IELLCC;type=pdf

Truganini’s Funeral, Island, Issue 96 (Autumn 2004);dn=471744861738994;res=IELLCC

‘I create, therefore I am’ A review of Creativity Crisis by Robert Nelson

You can read my essay “On Euthanasia” here.




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