Author name: Andrys Onsman

On Cyborg Jazz

Cyborg Music: the ultimate merging of wo/man, art and machine (2022) Any philosophy that denies creativity to machines is nothing more than a security blanket of romantically sanitised, carefully curated, historically inaccurate, self-indulgently misguided tom foolery thrown up to ward off the possibility that composers and musicians will become unnecessary and irrelevant for the vast […]

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Harry Onsman Eulogy

Harry Julian Onsman On her 32nd birthday in 1951, Elisabeth Onsman gave birth to her second son, naming him after her parents. Grandfather Harmen Visser was an introverted realist; grandmother Jeltje Heerema was a socialist activist. On the paternal side, grandfather Edzer was a football fanatic and grandmother Geertruida was a non-nonsense individualist. Inevitably Harmen

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